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OPF Series

The SOLTEC OPF Series are professional 24/7 Open Frame monitors for industrial and professional installations. These monitors are cleverly designed with front side brackets on each side ideal for easy integration. Available in a variety of sizes.

Various sizes, shapes and finishes
Multi-touch screens, expandable bases with casters or rubber feet
Functionality and user experience
Customizable with configured digital media players or PCs
Weatherproof, high brightness displays and rugged construction

OPF M Line

ARM Series

SOLTEC’s ARM Series are 24/7 professional monitors for industrial and professional installations. One of its outstanding features is the compatibility with VESA bracket on the back, which guarantees compatibility with any standard VESA bracket available on the market. Available in a variety of sizes.

Robust components designed for extended periods of time
Wide range of sizes
Basic monitors, video players or monitors with built-in PCs

ARM M Line

ARM I Line

ZINIA Series

SOLTEC’s ZINIA Series stands out as a set of professional 24/7 ultra widescreen monitors that offer a wide range of sizes and aspect ratios, making them one of the most versatile options available on the market. The unique aspect ratio of these monitors makes them especially suitable for specific applications where a narrower, elongated display format is desired.

Compatibility with different installation scenarios and aesthetic preferences
Elegant and modern design
Reinforced structure or customized solution
Elongated display format
Wide range of digital signage installations and information systems




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