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Motorized Monitors


The Motorized Retractable Monitor of SOLTEC’s RET-S line is manufactured with a monitor structure made of anodized aluminum anodized aluminum anodized aluminum monitor structure of only 22mm. The monitor is also designed with a minimal upper frame expressionthis gives it a modern look that complements any boardroom or meeting room.

The monitor features a protective glass with black edge silkscreen printing. This feature not only adds an extra layer of protection to the monitor, but also enhances its visual appeal by adding a sleek, professional touch to the display.

The RET-S line of Motorized Retractable Monitors utilize two touch buttonsone to open and close the monitor, and one to adjust the tilt angle.

The monitor’s tilt angle can be the monitor’s tilt angle can be adjusted up to 20º according to user preference according to user preference. Dual DVI input. Can be controlled remotely via RS-485 serial port. Wide range of options available.

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